Chemical Products

- Starch Ether

Suitable to use in construction chemicals, such as grouts and tile adhesives.

- Cellulose Fiber

Suitable to use in grouts, tile adhesives, ready-made concrete, bitumen based products, refractory, brake linings and organic agriculture.

- Pigment Paste

Water and synthetic based pigment pastes.

- Defoamer

Water based universal type liquid antifoam for water based productions.

It can be used in all water based paints and systems. It is added to system directly or can be diluted with water in any percentage, then can be added to the system directly. Emulsion with water is very easy. During and after production, foam control is perfect. In silica or silicon-free systems, it has the highest performance.

Packaged in 50Kg plastic barrels or 950 Kg IBC Containers.

- Paint Driers

Mono metallic, combined and special driers (such as; cobalt-free, lead-free, etc..)

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