Industrial Minerals
Dolomite Feldspat
Sand Barite
Calcite Mica
Lime Stone Pumice
Talc Perlite
Zeolite Olivine
Bentonite Quartz
Kaolin Corundum

Natural Stones
• Marble • Andesite
• Travertine • Basalt
• Onyx • Granite

Chemical Products
Starch Ether

Cellulose Fiber Paint Driers
• Metile Celulose • Pigment Paste
Technical Devices

Landscape And Organic Agriculture Products

Other Products

About Us

Promin Industrial Raw Material, Mining, Construction Ltd.Co. is founded to supply industrial raw materials such as industrial minerals, ores, natural stones, chemicals etc. to many industries as exclusive agency and wholesale distributer of local and international professional companies.

Some of these sectors are: construction chemicals, paint, mining, ceramic, glass, construction, isolation, decoration, iron & steel production, casting, abrasive, landscaping, detergent, cosmetics, leather, textile, paper  environment, animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, food industry, etc..

Besides supplying raw materials, we are ready to provide technical support and know-how since we have good knowledge and experience at many sectors.


Our basic principle is sustainable green environment. So we take care about nature and human life when production, transportation and consumption stages of the raw materials that we serve.
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