Industrial Minerals
Dolomite Feldspat
Sand Barite
Calcite Mica
Lime Stone Pumice
Talc Perlite
Zeolite Olivine
Bentonite Quartz
Kaolin Corundum

Natural Stones
• Marble • Andesite
• Travertine • Basalt
• Onyx • Granite

Chemical Products
Starch Ether

Cellulose Fiber Paint Driers
• Metile Celulose • Pigment Paste
Technical Devices

Landscape And Organic Agriculture Products

Other Products


-       Available as micronized, granular and cut to shape

-     Applications: Mainly used in construction, agriculture and abrasive industries.

Construction: Light weight blocks

Paint Industry: Facade coatings, heat-sound isolation paints,

Chemical Industry: Carrier for Chemicals, filtration.
Metal and Plastic Industry: Cleaning and Polishing, coatings for electrical material,

Glass Industry: Glass polishing material
Furniture Industry: Polishing, decoration of picture frames.

Electronic Industry: To clean circuit plates.
Ceramics: Primer material.

Textile: Denim bleaching.
Agriculture: Soil conditioner, anti-caking agent for artificial fertilizer

Health & Care: Scrub for heels

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